Wohi TOH!!

“Hello everyone… hows u doing??”
Oh, was that unexpected??
Fine… Again, Im sorry that I had to be reminded by Raddoz to blog… thanks for reminding me, waise na, me sleepy head, so forgets to blog regularly.. but you are there to remind me toh,
Wahi TOH!!
Hmm, so wats up? Not much!!
When are we meeting? Pata Nahin!!
But we are, right? Of course dumbo!!
Ok fine, so wat were u doing? Nothing!!
Ok as usual…
Hows ur mood? Thik Thak!!
Some load? Somewhat!!
What?? I’ll tell you later…
No, tell me now! Ok baba fine!
Bolo… Ok ok saying…
Baapre, you got me scared!! Dhat dumbo!!
So… stories apart, I want to share something… Last night I was at my hall canteen, munching something as usual. Maybe around 1 am in the night. And there was this cute little puppy sitting quietly near the wall. And it was eating a soft piece of bread. I was eating Kurkure ofcourse :P So out of gratitude I offered a flake of Crispy-Crunchy Kurkure to that little puppy, and he started wagging his tail. But then something bad happened… it smelt that flake and refused to eat it. Quietly again, having lost all excitement, started nibbling at the soft piece of bread again…! If only puppys liked Kurkure… If Only…
Perhaps, the world isnt that bad! Perhaps…
Ok, now this is one stupid thing my brother happened to ask me a few days back, and I happened to ask this to many people since then, and the Stupidity continues… are you the next one??
1=5, 2=6, 3=7, 4=8, 5=?
You can try posting your answers but pls be honest in posting what comes instinctively to your head and dont think much about it!!


16 thoughts on “Wohi TOH!!

  1. Hehehe..Kurkure!! I love them. May be I am not a dog after all..:).. I used to be called the Kurkure Girl by the Uncles in the office where I did my training. Cute question, Mathematically 1 but (ill)Logically you can put it to 9..:)..

  2. Hi, found this blog on the random blog button and since it is called the integral and I am a maths student I think I should post.

    Call it providence.

    I believe the answer is obviously 1 because equality is symmetric by the axioms and you said earlier that 1=5.
    Therefore 5=1.

  3. thats it!!!!
    These were my comments hope 2 see ur futher blogs as thr is sum1 here connected 2 ur lif through blogs

    ‘CCD’ ;-)

  4. wow…
    @anonymous?? thanx for ur support…

    wait for me to give the answer, let some more ppl post their views!!

    and also, Kurkure is a snack item like ruffle lays.. its like potato fingers, but much lighter andmuch crispier and more spicy!!

  5. heyyy marathebasher if u dnt know a person better dnt giv. ur expert comments on him. None needs them as it is said if u cant praise a person n make his day…better dnt make it bad too by just dng one favour keep ur mouth shut!!!!

  6. I have no idea what the answer is ! I am really bad at math. Ask me to draw a picture, I could do that, ask me to do math….well just forget it. LOL

    I am not sure if I have had Kurkure before. Can you discribe what it’s like? Anyway, if they cooked it at the caffiteria there, that might be the problem, I here the food there is really bad !

    I wont be blogging quite as much. I have a goal I set for myself, to have my first childrens book ready for publication in one year. It is going to take up a lot of my free time. I will still visit the blogs I have listed on mine thaugh, and peoples bloggs that post on mine. I will also post for time to time, but a lot less frequent.

    Hope to see you around !

    :) AB

  7. ae oye….tere ko kutton se itna pyaar kyon hai be?Raddoz se bhi zyada pyaar hai kya?
    aur thoda kam kurkure kha…..phat jayega saale!!

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