Kahan rehte ho?

So, have I stopped blogging? No! Actually its just that I have started spending a litlle less time in front of the computer. Well, nevermind. Last few weeks every week has been of just four working days, one of the days being off due to some kind of holiday or the other.
You know wat I saw today? Well, just on the NRS Avenue (thats the other part of the street thats called Scholars’ Avenue), on the other side of the GJ Stadium, come on, just in front of the Diro’s house, a small puppy with its mother, the two of them were almost jogging slowly in harmony, parallel to each other! And it looked so cute…
(Wished I had a camera…)
Gosh, I actually went a lot of places today, and saw many new places within the insti itself, which I hadnt seen before.
Raddoz was there with me…..
I went to the top floor of the main building, the Cash section and the Academic section, had never even seen them. Came down by the elevator, first time again!!!! Walked walked walked all the way through the main building, walking past and through almost all the departments on the southern side of the main building… went through a long, very long corridor. Finally we reached VGSOM. Went inside the complex too, unfortunately the security guard stopped us and asked what work did we have inside, I said “I havnt seen this complex, I just want to see it from inside”… he said “Sorry thats not permitted”. With a long face we came out and sat on a concrete bank just near the Nescafe at VGSOM, again, it was the first time I went to that particular Nescafe outlet. From there, got up and walked to the Museum. Went inside and went about the museum… its a pretty ordinary one, but the building is awesome!! Again the first time that I actually went inside it! Then went around the aircraft and the train, saw the prison cells, and one “dark-room” that I had never seen before!!!!
Never thought I would visit so many places in a single go. I almost felt like I was on a Campus-darshan or a campus tour sort of!! Was it an excursion? Was it just roaming around? It was anyways a time worth spent!!
BTW, some people have tagged my blog as a lalharanilapila (redgreenblueyellow) piece of junk!!
(Yellow or Orange: sorry for that)

9 thoughts on “Kahan rehte ho?

  1. see, the gr8s of having a gf? by the way, your blog focused only on the roaming around part!;-)
    and i agree, night time kgp rocks, eapecialy when….though i am surprised the guard stopped you from going inside VGSOM, damn these new security measures.

  2. I like exploring, I always have. This post sounds like something I would do!

    Glad to see that your still blogging.

    I hope you two both had fun on your days off. The holiday ment more IM for me. He,he,he….

    :) AB

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