Its a Designer World

Hi all, I am sorry, have not been blogging that frequently these days, too loaded somehow. Got 3 labs per week, that leaves me free with just one afternoon per week!!!! So many things to do, and so less time I’ve got!! This sem is heavy, but I can proudlysay I havnt bunked a single lecture till now. Unfortunately, I was thrown out of a class on the very first day, but I promise that was all!!
The weather is nice and cold. Atleast its much colder than that in Bombay. Its a pleasure really to wear sweater and move around in this perfect cold weather. Its not harsh, its pleasent. Specially that time of the evening when the sun has just come down and there is a brownish golden tinge in the sky and the barren trees with no leaves on them, add to it Raddoz, and that makes a perfect condition to go on a walk!! Its been really wonderful, the way I have been spending my evenings. Something special!!
I have also been thinking about a lot of things, about future, about life, about just everything. And all it needs is a bit of patience. Eventually hope is all that we can do, we can only pray for things to go the way we want them to, cant force them. Whatever is, is destined to be, cos it is designed to be that way.
The world has not evolved, it has been designed to be like this!!

8 thoughts on “Its a Designer World

  1. Did you attend that seminar on the designer world? Well I wanted to go, but missed it :(.. Nice wether round here, all I can think of now is to sip a cup of rich hot coffee..:)..It is right to be proud of not bunking classes..:)..During my Pre-Degree days, there was a particular teacher (English prose) of whose I have attended just one lecture throughout the whole year. Boy! I am still so proud of myself for having had the endurance to attend that first one class..hahahaha…;)

  2. wow!! u just took the thoughts out of my mind. i to like the sky at the hour of sunset specialy in winter as it is so cosy cold I feel lik 2 just hold sum1s hand for warmth.and With a loved one with us it is just like a dream cum true..simple but yet special moments of life!! Though i dont hav my love with me but i can feel his presence around with his memories n that 2 is special 4 me!!!Thanx buddy u remembered me my gold old days nice blogging!!!

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