What do you want from SantaClaus?

Yo Yo!
Its Christmas time… that time of the year, when there are large scale celebrations all around the world. Not just celebrations but also decorations and fun and parties and much much more. Its not just Christmas, but also New Year. Moments for the whole world to celebrate. Moments for you and me to smile. Moments to enjoy and moments to cherish. Its that time of the year, which is soooo special for so many people around the world. Brings back fond memories, and lots to jingle along. So what do you want from Mr SantaClaus this Christmas?? Lots of snow?? Or lots of sweets and lots of goodies? What is it that you want??
Did you wish there would be a time when you would get to do everything to your heart’s content? Did you wish there would be a day when you would eat cookies and drink wine the whole day, when you would have hundreds of colourful balloons in your hands that you would just let into the blue blue sky and sit and watch them on their endless journey to the heavens? Did you wish you would someday be in a terrain filled with snow and have a snow ball fight with someone you love dearly, with reindeers, sledge and snowfall all around? Wish we didn’t have to grow up so soon… Wish we could have our own dream world… Wish dreams weren’t just dreams… Wish dreams could come true… Wish reality could become dreams… Wish wishes came true… Wish there was more joy and pleasure and happiness everywhere… Wish the world was all goody goody… Wish… Wish… Wish… I did wish, you did wish, we did wish… Santa please grant us our wishes… Please!! Its your Job TOH !!
Oh, by the way, in this blog’s comments, please write your wishes to Santa, you may add your dreams, your wishes, your new year resolutions too… Do tell me how you have spent your Christmas and New Years so far, and how many of those have been memorable ones. It would be really nice if you could share some part of those sweet memories with me.
Feel free to share those small light moments that you have enjoyed.
This blog has been contributed by Raddoz.

11 thoughts on “What do you want from SantaClaus?

  1. Hi Raddoz !

    I just wanted to say that I really like the new improved blog, and I know that you have a lot to do with the changes. Really nice.Great blogging !

    I will add a link to your blog on mine ASAP !

    :) AB

  2. the best christmas dat i have ever had was last year with my granny in kolkata…me and granma did all the decorations for two days before xmas….its was loads of fun…though my granny is no more with me now i’ll cherish the memories of dat day forever in my heart…merry christmas to everyone….God bless everybody …

  3. adi..this year i truely wish happiness n love 4 u..n may u live ur life 2 ur fullest!!!..consider it my showoff or a true wish from heart.
    UR friend

  4. hi,

    Well things in my family are really confusing this time of year. Partly to the fact that some of my family are celibrating Christmas, some are Jewish, and some are Hindu. LOL. We tend to just give gifts, and not lable them as for any certain holiday. He,he,he….we all love the giving. This year, I don’t have a lot of money, but one doesnt need much to gift. ;) My favorite part of this time of year is the lights. Everything is lite up. :) thousands of tiny bulbs everywere you look. We don’t get snow here, but I have seen it , and it is lovely.

    Why can’t we all be young at heart. I see no reason to ever give up such things as building snowman, snowball fights, riding on sleads…and such. If we had snow here, I would be the first to make a snow angel. :P I still swing on swings, puddle hop, ride on merry-go-rounds, and sing silly childrens song.

    Wich bring me to this…

    you better watch out, You better not cry, You better shout I am tell you why Santa Claus is coming to town,He know when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, He knows if you’ve been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake!!!!! LOL

    Never stop dreaming !!!!!

    ;) AB

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