My new specs frame!!

So this is my new frame.. I dont think its that clear in this pics.. but anyways it is..
A metallic blue shade with dual colour !
I dont know why Bombay is so costly!!
The minimum cost of a specs frame with my dealer was Rs 650…
And my glasses themselves cost Rs 750 (plastic lens with thin film single coating)
Where as in places like Delhi and Kolkata you can get specs made completely for Rs 300 to 400 that includes cost of frame and glasses!!
Even in Bombay you can, but I guess generally speaking, the cost is more!!

10 thoughts on “My new specs frame!!

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Frame Looks great, Looks pretty light too.. Ohh..thats quite a lot of travel you did this june! In less stabilised neighbourhoods undergoing transitions at a fast rate (Where people live in a home for 1-2 years or stay mostly on rent, neighbourly interactions are very minimal. It may also arise out of vast differences in the type of people living social class, economic or educational background..and relegion neighbourhood based social ties weeken. Generally Indians do have a ‘Let society go to the dogs’ attitude.

  3. He,he,he….well glasses are expensive everywere. Don’t break them, and they should last you awhile. I see a lot of people getting eye sergery instead of glasses now, and I wanted to say, don’t ever think about that. I know someone who had it, and went blind. It’s deffinatly not worth the risk, even if you have the money. Glasses are much better.Your look cool :P

    :) AB

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