Why did the chicken cross the road??

…Because it wanted to get to the other side of the road?
But then, why should this question arise at all? Sometimes things are not in our hand, sometimes others’ hands control things. Sometimes we dont know why things happen the way they happen.. But sometimes we must just let time take care of things. That’s “the way” I have learnt the hard way. Time must let the chicken cross the road. It will, and so will you. So you better not worry. Sometimes we just need to have some confidence in ourselves, and our conscience. If we know that we are right, then we dont need to think about anyone or anything else. Cos, God does help those who help themselves!! So if you have not done anything worth being afraid of, then you better not be afraid of anything!!

8 thoughts on “Why did the chicken cross the road??

  1. why would a chicken cross an expanse of pavement or dirt? Did some entity outside the chicken propel it with an intent? Did the chicken notice something it was drawn to? Maybe the chicken was just meandering along and found itself in the way of an automobile, posing the chicken with a choice: cross or die. Maybe the real question is what happened to the chicken after the hawk snatched it on the other side.

  2. Ye..it is almost always ACROSS and not ALONG!!! Oh those little green ones!!..God! They find their way..I dont know how..even into locked suitcasses!

  3. hmmm atleast i have sen worms making it across my wing corridor in the hostel,
    and hav u observed LGB..
    do u know wat r LGBs…
    Wondering ;)

  4. And have you noticed Chiken and worms..Particularly the Earth worms that come up around October in KGP… always cross the road, Never seen one walking along the road!!!

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