Home is "home"

Here I am, 2000 kms away from you dumbo!!!!
Not fair at all!!!!
Anyways, I’ve completed 15000 kms of travelling this year….
Well, I dint get tired in this journey though it was a pretty long one, made even longer by the train running behind schedule.
Eagerness to reach home may have helped me…
Nevertheless, I’ve got 30 days with me here… lots to do, lots to take care of, and lots to look forward to once I get back to where I belong!!
Small children are always a good source of entertainment on the train… there was thissmall girl sitting on a side berth. I tried talking to her, amuse her a bit, and after a bit of apprehension she did get into the normal children’s tempo wala mood. I asked her “Tomar naam kii?” and she said “Madhuri Dixit” !!!!!

6 thoughts on “Home is "home"

  1. I believe Thulika was the first KGPian to find my blog. I am a great fan of hers. I have found that there are a lot of you KGPian’s on the net, blogging. :)
    Wish you all had more time to post thaugh. First it was exams, now the holidays. Hope to see more blogging from you all in the near future.

    How do you travel so much when you are in school ?…… Wondering ?


  2. Hai there. I am presently at Kharagpur..Thulika is only a Pseudonym..I sure will recognise you if I see you some where

  3. Hai there..Seeing your blog made me happy..was an accidental discovery of yet another KGPian..Well..I didnt find any posts on your other blog..Regarding home, You are still better off than me..:(

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