Today morning, I saw a butterfly, not just one, sorry, I saw two of them. And I even told her that I saw two butterflies. They were white, good white enough (or perhaps beige). They were fluttering outbreaks flutters… Wow that was an awesome sight. More so, it made them look even more beautiful because they had a dot each on both their wings. A big green dot. I tried some goggling, and got some name like a cabbage butterfly, blah blah.. but one name I particularly found striking… A White Butterfly. Yes, that’s what was written there toh.. White Butterfly. I wish I could capture them, Only If…. But nevertheless I found a similar photograph on Google, so here it is.
Today was a good day for me. It was not just good, it was special.
Thanks a lot !!
My dear butterfly, Thanks!!

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