Where there is Hope, there is a smile!

It must have been a high order of fortune
when I am saying this.

Someone say, be Optimistic. Fair Enough.
Someone says, look at Better Things in life. Fair Enough.
Someone says, Love, Fair Enough.
Someone says, Keep Smiling. Fair Enough.
Someone says, Never Feel Lonely. Fair Enough.

    Well well well, all this and so much more to it, between us!!
    See, I’ve got a flickr on my blog… nice pics na?? Atleast I toh like them a lot. They mean a lot to me!!


    10 thoughts on “Where there is Hope, there is a smile!

    1. thanx..i 2 was thnkng sumtng lik this..it means fortune nah..??
      u hav a tedency 2 see deep in2 things n find out hidden meaning..thats gud..i 2 hav sumwot this kinda attitude!!

    2. @ anonymous
      The legs of the child mean a lot..
      they will take him places, he would move ahead in his life, they are his legs that would help him carry himself
      the legs, symbolise a little bit of innocence, perhaps.. and look damn cute.

    3. can u tell me wots so special bout the photo..means im thnkng sumthng..n i wanna now its rite or not…wot that legs of boy realy mean??

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