Return of Innocence ??

Well well to start of with, lemme say, that I really like writing in the middle of the page, rather than justifying it in the square. Things like this dont need a justification. But there are so many other things in life, at almost every point of the curve, we need to justify things. It doesnt move ahead without that. Sometimes things just go out of control, and people still dont want to justify them. Why isnt the world JUST? Why do I feel that “the World is bad, People are bad“. Perhaps I may be wrong, perhaps not!! But I do feel.. and why shouldn’t I feel? When people argue without reasons, when people hate without reasons, when there is dislike without reason, when there is demand without reason.. there is a feeling in my heart that says what it says!!
Can there not be a little more innocence in the world ????
Well, there is, in some corner of the world, in some corner of someone’s heart, and I know that. Even that person knows that. Thanks a lot !! For simply being there !!

13 thoughts on “Return of Innocence ??

  1. yah..thr is loads of innocence kindness n love amoung the pple..if u just depends onthe eyes of the beholder..n persons attitude..the world is not so bad as u see it 2 b…n u r lucky 2 hav soo..many loving pple around u…all r not as lucky as u!!THOUGH u had ur 2 see ur bad times 2…but its part of lfe..but now enjoii 2 ur content..

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