Anonymous… who Anon?

The story of the Anon goes far back in time.
While in school, in our English language text book, we used to have poems by various poets. Sometimes we used to have some anonymously written poems too. It happened one day that while teaching one such poems, while I was in my fifth grade, the teacher suddenly asked us, “Boys, can you tell me whether this person ‘Anon’ is a male or a female poet?” Some of us said male, some female.. I dont know what the teacher must have thought, but she knew we were innocent. She had to tell us “Anon means Anonymous!!” And then some smart mate of mine got up and said, “Ma’am anonymous is neither a male nor a female!” It was then that I got the word, which meant ‘someone who doesnt want to reveal his or her name.
And now, here I am, allowing anonymous comments on my blog!!!! Common, there is a field in which you can enter your name after the message. You can put your name there, else your comment would be as bad as useless. Cause I wont have any reference!!!!!!
So please!!!!

3 thoughts on “Anonymous… who Anon?

  1. wats the point of being anon if i wer to reveal my name……i mean wats the use…….as fr allowin anon comments u really dont hv any choice

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