Coming Up Next

One week of tense days, full tension, and stampede in my brain… its the end semester examination of the third semester. I just hope I do it well to get some good grades. My cumulative grade stands at 7.62, and I dont know how and when it will reach atleast 8. I just hope it does soon.
Never the less… I am studying, atleast trying to. Well thats a regular thing. Btw my first paper is of General Psychology. I find a particular chapter on Psychoanalytic theory very interesting!!!!!! Yo Sigmund Freud. I think everyone must go through a brief outline of this theory, search it on, you’re sure to get something.
The other thing which I have discovered lately on the net is BBC radio.. its amazing.. there are so many channels……… and more than that, you can even listen to any past programme from the last seven days. News, Music, Discussions, Interviews, Soaps, everything is there. But the only problem is there its more related to Briish culture, so you may have to spend a lot of time finding a channel or a programme to suit your taste. But its a good one.
And yes, Raddoz……… You toh have simply flooded my blog with your comments.. a lo lo lo lo !!!! Ha ha.. But some people are frustrated with me and I dont know why… Anyways, its my right to express and its their right to express too, and eventually its my right to delete the comments from my blog, because ultimately its MY blog damn it !!!!!
My blogger view has gone upto 2120 at this point.. hmm good!!!!

11 thoughts on “Coming Up Next

  1. aditya,

    Thanks for the joke, althaugh, I must say, I don’t have that may guinnie pigs to send it to, and coming from you, I would be scared to pass it on to my friends and family. Who knows whats in that container. LOL. Thanks for the laugh anyhow. Smiling. AB

  2. @nishant
    ya those ppl are indeed my family or those who reach my blog thru link on my messenger status.
    i have no hard feelings for u or anybody
    so wats ur messenger id.. if u dont mind giving it now

  3. probably the 2120 ppl r only a few of ur friends and family… dont get so high…..neways best of luck for ur exams and for ur atthi ;)

  4. @nishant
    i saw ur profile.. it says.. i have met aditya marathe.. i think u made this blogger id just to comment on my blog..
    i dont mind putting down anything in my blog.

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