Well well well.. To allow or not to allow thats the question

Hmm so I have been getting complaints like “Cant comment on your blog as I am not a blogger”. Dont worry, now anyone can comment, even being anonymous!! Mamma, even you can comment. Raddoz, even you can comment!! Anyone can.. my blog is open for all to read and write!!
And btw, marathebasher, and all those like him please mind your language, cause a lot of people including my family read this blog. And someone dint like some of the comments. So all your comments that need to be censored WILL be censored!!
Happy blogging, ooPS sorry, happy commenting.
Comments open to all on all my blogs including past articles!!

8 thoughts on “Well well well.. To allow or not to allow thats the question

  1. I am glad that you know alow anonymous quotes. You are a brave soal. Not everyone can take anonymous cridicsisum.

    Does your Mother really read this blog, or are you just saying that?


  2. @aditya
    heheh i don’t call random ppl MF, but seriously doesn’t the fact that ur mother reads this blog prevent you from putting down ur real feelings…

  3. @nishant
    if u write words like MF in my blog comments i have to delete them. causemy mom reads this blog.
    and pls give me ur yahoo id so tht we can hav a one on one talk

  4. @ marathebasher

    …but why? why is it dat people like u always tend to point out other’s flaws? is that ur sole purpose of life? why cant u turn over a new leaf and start appreciating the good things in his blog…better still why dont u mind ur own business? better look at urself in ur mirror each morning nd try figuring out wats gone wrong in ur upper story…

  5. hey u marathebasher u better leave aditya in peace ok? why dont u mind ur own business? uve got a real bad sense of humour….really pathetic…mind ur own bloody business damn u!!!!!!……raddoz

  6. It would be very prudish for u to censor my comments as I’ve only used innuendos to highlight your misdemeanors.You must respect the freedom of speech of an individual….
    especially if it is not at all prurient(which is hardly wat one can say about your aspirations and desires as expressed in your last blog)

    Its touching to know tht ur close 2 ur family….and for their sake,if nethinf needs censoring,its ur blog.

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