Wanted to capture the moment !

Some times I really feel like having a digicam. Not because of want of possessing one, not because of feeling like showing it off, not because everyone else has one, but because everyday I come across events and situations, sights and people whom I feel like capturing and freezing!! Sometimes I badly wish I did have one…….. Anyways.. I dint have one today.
I was standing at a tea stall. The tea stall owner has a small child employed at his ranch. The child is no more than 2.5 feet tall and may not be more than 8 yrs old. But he was looking so sweet. Was wearing a wollen monkey-cap to protect from coat and that was almost not fitting him properly. I was making a phone call form my cell phone and he just stodd beside me staring at me, with his hed held low, tilted at an angle, almost touching his shoulder. EEEEEeeeeeeee looked soooo cute!!!!!!! And then some time later, I was sitting on a bench in front of the stall, there was no customer there. That kid seemed to have got some time off to have a bite. He was dipping a piece of bread in a small cup of tea and chewing it so sweetly. The way he was tearing that slice of bread was just so cute!!!!!!! There are such times when I feel like taking a snap and freezing the moment forever. How badly I wish I could do something for that child, but I just dont have courage and ideas enough to help him out. Monetary help is surely no help. So all I did was just smile at him and he smiled back. I guess that was victory!!

3 thoughts on “Wanted to capture the moment !

  1. u Have captured it in ur blog :) ya..digicam wud hv been much better..but dont worry..itsok..as that ‘feeling’..the ‘smile’ u shared with the kid…are jus unforgettable…will b with u forever And ur sweet feelings do reveal ur sweet cute being beneath :)Yo !! :D

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