Twelve Days, Eleven Nights.

Gosh, I dont know how to put things together, cos these twelve days, including today have been the richest days of my life… I’ve seen it all in these twelve days… I’ve seen it all!!Victory, defeat, love, jealousy, pride, extreme happiness, belongingness, tiredness, frustration and peace!! Its obvious that I wont be revealing all cos its just too much to put in words… at the moment though!!It all changed on the eve before Diwali, which was on 1st November. And the turning of things dint stop.. my life kept rolling to see these various facets of human emotions and feelings. This is bliss, and this is what means being blessed by God. That is because today I am the happiest a person, that a person can ever be. Its just too good a feeling.
By the way, as said earlier, we did win the rangoli and illumination prizes.. so that was all the hype and hoopla surrounding it. Chapter closed.. it dint rain on November 1st.I certainly cant tell you here wat else happened, and wat else sent me through this furry of emotions…And also by the way our hostel LAN wasnt working for all these days, that was one reason for my frustration. For the illumination competition, the lights of the entire hall (hostel) had to be put off. So in that, the UPS, of our hall got f00ked up. They tried bringing in other UPSs, that too got f00ked up, they tried repairing everything but nothing worked. Finally.. a couple of UPSs were brought in and put to test, and still they wont work cos of wrong connections of the power suppply, and everyone thought the UPS was faulty. Perhaps the people who came to rectify the problem were not electricians, or electronic engineers, perhasthey were simply Mechanics. But now its running fine and well, and everyone is relieved!!!!! So many days without internet is fine, but without LAN and without DC++ is just not fine. All those movies and songs, and games.. baba re. I had four movies on my comp, and I watched all of them times over.
Anyways.. the details of my blog are very diferent from the header.. well it is meant to be this way!!!!!!

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