Whr am I ??

Well.. in short the UPS of our hostel server has got two blown off transistors. And if thats the only problem, I should be back at this soon, else I cant say anything.
BTW, it dint rain on November 1st, and we won the second prize in illumination and third in rangoli….
But LAN must come back soon, everyone is so frustrated without it!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Whr am I ??

  1. Not every person has the ability to acknowledge theophancies in pyrrhic fever. Now theophancy here is actual techno-pscychological aspect of that. Gamers arent too easy to understand. They are addict to games. Addiction is a mental illness. But games are not what make the mind ill. Its the imaginations, halucinations which perturbs the flights. I hope this would clear the things. Waise what are your personal interests in sciences.

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