I dont blog everyday, cause I dont have a lot to say everyday. Well I can just write one line and STHU. Yeah I can do that, may be that will work sometimes. But I do blog regularly, and when I say I do, I mean it!!
And I’ve got so many visitors and my last blog received maximum comments. Thats good. Look at my hit counter. It says 1785 at the moment I am blogging. I dont say that I have got so many hits, most of them are by me, but atleast 500 of them are not mine, pakka, promise!! I seriously dont understand who is this “marathebasher”… he really doesnt seem to be against me, but he does comment on my blog in a strange manner. He wont reveal his identity. ‘Mr Marathebasher, whoever you are, if you dont mind revealing yourself, do comment with your “full intro”‘. Haha, that would be fun!!
BTW, I’ve realized something. I have actually started liking working for the illumination competition, I dont know why. But anyways. I still want it to rain on 1st November. That will be nice, really nice !!!!!!!!
Wow, when I blog after a gap of some days, I have loads of things to tell. But I am not in a mood to write more now, someother time.

4 thoughts on “My BLOG

  1. Does sound like kaushik…but hes not that sadistic ! anyway i gotta hand it to marathebasher , he sure can weave an intricate web of words with the sole purpose of denigrating the very soul of the man called marathe…must be an age old atavistic trait, something in common with our prehistoric predecessors !

  2. y u schmuck thats a terrible and a selfish thought!!!since u have been forced to work might as well get something for a result…

  3. U r right kiddo…..I really do care abt u a lot.That is why I wont reveal my identity……after all figuring out ur nemesis has to be something that the doctor ordered to spice up ur otherwise mundane life(as is clearly deducable frm ur frustapa blogs)

    btw if it rains at all during illu it’ll be in ur room…..and the water will emanate not frm the skies but from our very own shit tanks.

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