I Don’t Know Why

I dont know why…
The world is like that
I am like this
Things happpen this way
Things dont happen that way
Its bad.. talkin of bad, its real bad. Now just look at my room mate.
I dont know wats happened to him, but he is really frustrated with me over apparently nothing. But his way of living is just too odd, just too odd. He sleeps little. When he’s awake and most of the time in the rom, in front of his comp, he wants to listen to music very loud. HE just wont reduce the volume or hear in headphones. I havent used my comp speakers for the last so many days just because I cant hear if his music is playing so loud. And then we are staying in a triple room, so needs to realse that he is not the only one who has the right to sound. And then its fine if the music is loud, but for how long? Ok even if I painfully accept that, I cant accept loud music being played when exams are going on and he wont study or let me study. I cant accept if he plays loud music at 3 am in the night, or 7 am in the morning, thats just not acceptable. That is so unpolite and unsocial. I am sleeping and he cares not of what the time is or what the state is. And on top of that, in the last week or so, all I have heard is just three songs that keep looping on his comp again and again, and he never gets frustrated. God, how can someone listen to just one pathetic song for such a long time, at such a loud volume?? Those songs are one of the most pathetic songs I have come across recently. Uffff………..!!!!
Apart from that, what else goin on here?? Preparation for the “illu” thing, working overnights. Being forced to work overnight. Thats bad, thats taking on to me. I dont feel like doing it anymore. I just dont have the will to do it anymore. I have given away studying and havent touched the books since the last exam. I havn’t even been attending classes lately. I dont know what is happening and I dont know what will happen!! God, please save me. Please Please Please. I am just not feeling good enough or enthusiastic enough to do anything. :(

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why

  1. dont worry bout ur room-mate…just chuck him out of the room whenever u feel like…someone said “the world is bad nd people are bad too” so just dont think bout these things…

  2. hmmm…dont know if u tried to talk to ur room-mate abt this…but most guys here actually enjoy staying in double or triple rooms…anyway good luck with ur problems…

  3. Hey Aditya,

    First off. Im sorry I haven’t been around much to talk to you. I miss talking to and you make me feel so great. You are a great person.

    So with this roommate. My opinion. I think seriously, you shoudl stand up for yourself. youa re like me in that situation… afraid to make a big deal out of it.. but you need to.. you deserve YOUR time and peace and quiet. So if I were you..Id show him whos boss:)…

    Well tonight.. I told me roommate Id hang out with her.. I have been to busy to hang out with her.. so tonight is her night.. so i better go… Ciao… night night sweetheart.

  4. Methinks five-six more night outs can be of great service to your tardy ass.
    Bearing a potbelly that epitomises all the hedonistic impulses of life,I think you should give out as much as you ‘take in’.

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