Here I am, this is me…

Hello ppl.
Im back to the jungle called kgp.
No, Im not in a mood to be serious. Especially after the vacations, cos I’ve had loads of fun and did a lot of things in these few days that I was not in the jungle.
Now its like, just 15 more days, then just 22 more days and then just 8 more days, in short just 45 more days that I’ll be on my way back home for a whole month, Wow!! Next few days gonna be different from the ones that have been so far and I dont think I should waste any time thinking about them.
BTW, I sold an old Siemens mobile phone for 50 bucks and a broken mp3 CD player for 40 bucks, and when I say bucks, I mean Rupees, Indian Rupees!!!!!!!
I think that was a deal, cos I would not have got more than 20 bucks for both of them put together.

Anyways, all the ice creams that I had, all the travelling that I did and all the people that I met was all worth the time I had!!!!

And Mamma, please dont feel bad that I cant stay at home for a long time, dont cry, thats not fair on your part, I love you so much, why do you worry about me, I’ll take care of myself. You take care of yourself.


One thought on “Here I am, this is me…

  1. Hellow!,

    TY for visiting my blog. I am returning the favor.

    I like your blog! :) I will have to read more!

    Glad to see you had a good holiday!

    I am mostly posting on my new blog Sowing Love, but still post on the one you visited. TY for the lovely comment! I hope to hear from you again ! :) AB

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