6 nights in train, 6 out of 10

My Durga Puja vacations started on 7th October, Friday evening. I left for Mumbai the very night by train. Since then, I’ve already spent 4 nights in trains and one night at home. Having travelled 2650 km already. By the end of this vacation, or a mini vacation, on 17th i.e. Monday, I would have travelled 4500 km and would have spent 6 nights in trains, and 4 at home. Gosh!! Thats not something to be proud of!!
But Im really happy for something, the time I got to spend after all this travelling, with my family, my freind and relatives, was all really worth.
Got to spend one whole day with my dad and that was really worth it! Two ice creams, sizzlers, and a kurta… most importantly, lots of love!! Thats what defines him.. Lots Of Love. Also got to meet my grandparents, and cousins and aunts. So it was a day worth spending.
Back home, its the same, mamma, anuj, and ketan. And loads of food and good food and sweets and stuff… and those visits to L road are already up the sleeve!!!
Hey gtg, Im busy ttyl!!!


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