Hey finally…. after 82 days into the second year of my engineering at Kgp, Im packing my bag to go home. Im eager to go home now and have been for a long long time.
So how was this semester so far? Quite happening.
New Hostel, OP, New friends, or should I say, NEW FRIEND!!!, and new and many different works that I did here.
Well well well but the highlight of this year has been my friendship with her, which I never knew would reach these heights. I never knew if I would actually end up talking to her someday.
She’s the closest I’ve ever been to anyone other than my parents, ever!! And I find great happiness in her company. The best part is that she likes my company too. So not a problem at all. Im really really glad for that.
The other things find no importance in front of that. So no point in writing about them, as I’ve already mentioned all those things previously!!
More to come once I reach home and get some peaceful time to blog!!!!


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