A Day Without Rain

What happens when someone loses faith in the world, when someone loses faith in love, when someone loses faith in himself or herself? It happens, and it happens all the time. Few people are lucky everyone is not. Few people get everything they want from life to make them happy, everyone does not. Perhaps everything is not meant for everyone. Perhaps the world does not care enough for everyone. Faith in the Almighty comes to stand in front of a question mark! This is what happens when someone breaks your trust, when someone breaks the faith you have in that person. When this happens what should you do? Should you leave alone yourself and seclude yourself in one dark corner of your own heart? Or should you give another chance? There is only one thing that comes to the mind, that you are the worst of all, but this feeling is bad. Perhaps it is necessary to give ourselves another chance, yet another chance. People who go through such a break down know what yet another chance means, and that means a lot to them. But they should have courage and muster that up, let not their support system fall upon their own head. When the world crashes on you.. perhaps you must not let yourself be affected by it. Perhaps it is easier said than done. But my emotions are actually eating me up. Getting close to somebody is really easy, but getting off that is really difficult and it takes a million tears. That is why we cry the most in our parents’ laps. I cry on all small things, and I get a tear even if I make a fly-sized mistake. Because, I love my loved ones a lot, and I just cannot live without any of them. The rest of the world, I know is bad, and all other people, I know are bad.


One thought on “A Day Without Rain

  1. I like this post a lot.

    It is realy great that you love your family so much, and that they return your love equaly.

    I am sorry that you feel everyone else you know is bad. That is sad. Do you realy feel like that? Maybe I misunderstood.Anyway, I know there is a lot of hate and pain out there in the world, and I am doing my part to extinguish it, and replace it with love and exceptance. Here is a link to my blog Sowing Love. Maybe it will brighten your day! :) AB http://sowinglove.blogspot.com/

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