Sometimes… its important that I decide my priorities and do only as much as myself permits me to!
I just felt today that my life has become hell, not because people have made it, but because I have made it so. I must must must decide upon my priorities, and you know what, studies dont even come close to being considered when I am talking about my priorities!!!! I used to proudly tell people that my hobbies are web designing, graphic designing and writing, but now it is specifically these things that are getting into my ass, and how?? I’ve been upto making four – yes FOUR website, TWO brochures, and also a couple of write ups, and this is getting into me badly now. I just want to break free of the shackles that people have made around me by trying to extract work from me. I have been missing my breakfast, lunch, and dinner and eventually spending money on eating stuff from the canteen.
Perhaps I will have to start saying NO to people without feeling guilty in that, and should I? Perhaps my family needs more attention than myself and any damn shitty activity that I do. And I guess having one, close, good friend is worth it than having a pleothera of people who wil spit back on you someday for sure. Perhaps the world will learn from its own experiences, why tell them whats right and whats not.
Perhaps I should not say anything beyond this.


One thought on “Sometimes……..

  1. abe l***e ke baal…..agar phir se hall work ko is tarah blog mein criticize kiya to maa c**d dunga teri.likhna hi hai to private diary mein likh.
    dare not say ‘NO’ to ne senior in this
    hall or else……….

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