Now Im gonna cry

Now I am completely frustrated.
And you know why? Cos Im feeling so lonely, andI know people here are bad, they just dont wanna do anything in life, but ****
The World is bad, the people are bad.
Thats it.
They just now how to play loud music and not think about others who can also be there. Sometimes people say things which seem so bitter and sharp, I sometimes wonder if it should cut their own tongue while speaking. But life has its own turns and corners, so Im not gonna say that such incidences make me feel like wanna dying. Cos I know things like this have happened with me before, they happen all the time, and they are going to happen later also. Its just that there are peple who find me a big pain in the a$$, but to hell with them. Why should it always be me who would care for the world? I dont get what I give, I dont get anything even if I expect ten percent returns. In childhood, I was taught, “Love thy neighbours as thyself”, and “Talk to strangers as you would talk to your loved ones” But I guess these are the things which hardly ever get practical, and the sequence of events always denies these goody goody theorems of value education. Its at times like these that I feel like running away from here to somewhere calm and peaceful. I dont know why I have such a pathetic fate. But I know, that the “World is bad, People are Bad”.


2 thoughts on “Now Im gonna cry

  1. u knw adi..everyone feels tht way just happens at different points of people react according to up is not the path,never had been!if u hurt in someway,u shud tell..if u feel lonely u take the step to be with peop..the only way out is not to keep all in heart..

  2. relax yaar..

    what u think of urself is more important than what others think of u..

    and yes.. shit happens.. take it in ur stride..

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