Wow..I guess this was the best one!!

And I got this thought twice in the last 3 days!! Hmmm Im talking about movies, Ive seen two splendid movies in the last 3 days. Both of them Korean movies, with subtitles in English.
Both are love stories and both made me cry, the last one made me weep!!!!!!!!1
1. When I Turned Nine
2. My Sassy Girl

And guess wat, when I saw the first one, I said to myself that there cant be another movie better than this one, I just dint have faith in any other movie. I downloaded the other movie too form the LAN, and began watching it, having heard that it is also nice. But the beginning 40 minutes or so were quite dull and boring and they made me feel weird and I realised soon that the first movie was undoubtedly the best. And then I went and told my neighbour that MSG is poor and boring, and he told me to watch it till the end. I dint have faith, but still, I wasnt feeling like doing anything today afternoon, so thought of watching it. And I dint blink my eyes in the entire movie!!! It was the cutest movie I’ve ever seen, and the best love story, may be a Serendipity story of Love that I have ever come across.
And yeah how can I forget, the nine year old girl in the first movie, and the actress in the second movie, just too beautiful!!! Marvels!!

I recommend all of you must watch these two movies and exactly in the same order that I did. Im sure you’ll love them, you’ll fall in love with not just the movie, you’ll fall in love with LOVE !!!


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