Raining away my tears !

Today, its been the fourth day and its been raining continuously, more so the last 3 days.
Ive been wet, all of us have been wet…the feet are just wrinkled all through.
The jeans folded up a few inches, an umbrella with one prick coming out of it, hanging over my shoulder lightly held, blue bag on the back, gettin a bit wet, the words written in blue ink trying to spread and deglorify themselves, my cycle..one tyre punctured I dont know how, the cell in my upper pocket trying to ring, cant hold it,my hands are engaged. Looking ahead, I see one of our mess workers, walking on the divider line in the center of the street, its raining, he doesnt even have a footwear, hes got elephant leg, his right leg is like a trunk of a tree, and hes dragging it in the rain. Poor Man. I can see ahead, a little further beyond, where the road bends, my destiny waits there for me, I have got exams at the bend of the week. I have done nothing absolutely to justify myself to the aim that I hav come to this place precisely for!! Well anyways…when I see others, I dont feel anything, but when I look at them, it makes me realise how small I stand before them, before the world, how small I stand before MYSELF !! Its like the pitch of the melody just doubles the moment I think about all this and that. It seems sometimes that Im trying to kill myself, but then it also seems that Im trying to protect myself.
But there’s one thing which I wnat to tell people, I’ve never been untrue to anyone, I’ve never lied to people, I’ve never been cruel to anyone, Yes I have hurt people, at times I have hurt my best friends, my parents, but things go wrong because of misunderstandings. I have never and sahll never be cruel to anyone, people are bad, I know that, and people are selfish and I know that is true. But I would never as I have never lied ever before. It hurts when someone Pretends to be someone else, not that he or she has been for so many years. It hurts when peple pretend to be something other than what their parents know them to be. It hurts all the same !!


One thought on “Raining away my tears !

  1. Hey I havent been online in awhile… I dont have internet at my new place yet… in october I will have it up and running,,,, se you soon

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