Posting crap ?? Sue dybydx™

This happened long time back on Mutter (thts our LAN forum)
I’m dybydx !!

dybydx: A German contestant tries to blow up with his nose a condom he put over his head in the eastern town of Leipzig, during the 151st edition of the German TV show ‘Wetten, Dass…?’ (‘Let’s Bet…?’)

CYBERMANTAS: Trust Differential to come uy with the weirdest posts and pics….. go Slope go….!!!

MatterLogic: chutiyaps in this forum is going out of hand …..

nullchar: simply nuke u can make all these ppl in space age so that they dont come out with these crap just to incraese their ranks hey dybydx did u go through this http://10.108.**** first think before u post such crap does it have ne meaning ?? does it contribute +vely to the forum??(except incraesing the no of ur post) if u r so desprate about ur no ask nuke hell just increase it but pls do not post crab its my humble request u ppl r spoiling the charm of mutter i have already decreased my no. of visits to mutter this spamming virus has just spread every where DC++ is just hell and pls dont make mutter also the same plss nuke help required the essence of this forum is already lost pls dont degrade it

TripleMe: Brilliant post man. Incredible stuff. I don’t know why nullchar and matterlogic opposed it.

x_scn: Why should some one support such chutiaps ???????????? Do not take it seriously ………… just kidding

akhil: wtf are u so loaded about?agreed,the pic wasnt that awesome or “extraordinary”,but it wasnt outright crap either…and as for the so-called spamming,its just a few bored guys having a little fun…guys dont spam to inc the no of their posts…junta does it just for the fun part of it. as for the “contributing to mutter” bit…nothing most guys post(or have posted,for that matter) is of much “use” anyway…its all just for the fun involved. btw,sorry bout the rather long post.. _________________

dybydx: Why did it happen with me??? When people pick up pics from Orkut and post it, posting some girls’ pics from a friendship forum is not DEGRADATION of MUTTER, and when i post a Pic that is Voted as the Most Viewed Pic of the Day on Yahoo, It becomes a crap, doesnt it!!!! And when people keep posting those pics of BABE from IITB or HOT AUNTY<<<<<>>>>> WHEN ever i post something Some people feel that i am doing so only to increase my rank…..can someone check when was the last time i posted something??????? Anyways….I RESIGN FROM MUTTER !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!
Someone please tell me how to deregister myself from Muttter!

shank: no need to dereg urself…… just dont visit that will serve the same end this is ofcourse if u really want to………. or is it an empty threat??

picasso: wow… one allegation and you back off…. !!!

TripleMe: Cool man. Relax. The pic was great. People have opinions, and they voice them. Some may support your view (I did ), some may oppose it. They have an opinion and they express it – as should you. Learn to take criticism. There will always be people who will criticise you, no matter what you do. If you feel the criticisms are worth responding to, reply to them. If you feel they are not worthy of reply, ignore them. Anyways, the pic was cool. Never imagined a condom could be blown so big !! Man, just think of the the strain !! Strain must be about 2. !!

x_scn: Abe learn to live with critisism …………. and if you want to succseed in your life then learn not to break at the extreme face of critisism, You must have some idea about himalaya (Unfortunately I am quoting it for second time ……… hope no extra controversy rises from it ) ………. rain, wind, lightining and what not comes to it …… but still it remains in its position stand still ………. thats why it is called the great himalaya. Abe strongly belive what you say and your power of belive should be such strong and pure that even by thousand logic by others should not derail you from your belive

MatterLogic: dont cry .. like picasso said .. one allegation and u back off .. defend urself … no need to deregister .. or to stop coming ! i never said u are ethically or morally wrong .. i said that its the height of chutiyaps and well .. dont i have a right to have my own opinion in my opinion … its crap .. somebody else doesnt think that way … that’s his problem. and lastly chicks … dont u ever say anything abt the chick mania in mutter kgp is a frust place … guys the world over look for chicks .. so do we nothing wrong in it.

TripleMe: Well along the same lines, guys all over the world use condoms. (not blow them like balloons, but other use )

KC: abey dybydx…..kyoon loa le raha hai bey……. all the guys have given enuff sermon to u…lemme tell u somethin’ cooler… its lovely to bug someone when they don’ want it……so be back at it…..why do u think guys arnd here hate me???

Nukem: this is examtime…most of the stuff is going to be spam atleast this thread didnt start out as one…did u know that a condom cud be inflated that much be4 looking at this thread (if u did…god help u ) dyby,dont tell me they hurt your felings

CYBERMANTAS: Yeah Slope…. for one… I replied first to ur pic… and all I said was….. U can trust Differential to come uop with the weirdest posts… it was a compliment men. In case ur forgetting ur last pic of Ganeshji with an apple….. man… some fun we had tht time…. and we are njoing rite now too….. Go Slope Go…..!!!

Xeltz: has slopy seriously left ???????

terajol: :greengrin: quite many alternate nicks for him.

MatterLogic: dybydx slope slopy differential .. whtever ..

terajol: No no..the first one ain’t good.

nullchar: last 1

Xeltz: tedhe ka koi jawaab nahin aaya … yet another nick

Moral of the story??????


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