The Answer To My Life

Wats that supposed to mean as a header??
Me neither!!
Uff Sorry… where was I ? Oh right here !! 11 !! Coming in to blog after many days, well, havnt got time in the last few days, even for some basic events (well they are EVENTs)…That was another PJ…some people have already labeled me as a frust and confused guy!! But perhaps, lots of things are pretty much going on in my head. Time is not waiting for me, so why should I allow Tides to wait for me??
Making something out of nothing in your hands is what is not something that will win you laurels over the world!! And it should not !! I got a wonderful lesson from a much senior person in my hall.. Make something such that when the world sees it, the only word to come out of their mouth is ‘WOW’ !! The creation of something that has a Wow effect is important…something that is simple yet the whole world can appreciate its beauty !! Take for example a Pen. It costs just 5 bucks on the lower end, and see its uncomparable utility. I mean there cant be a better example to give, for a thing which has a wow effect. Explore your potentials and work in the field that you really like and that you really enjoy. Cos working on something that you really are not looking forward to will help you in no way, and you wont give it a good, forget giving your best !!
Overdose !!
Coming on to sothing else…I’ve changed my Yahoo ID from aditya2004_533 to aditya0401 !! WHY??
Reason 1 : GMail did not give me automatic mail filtering to assigned user folders, there is no facility to create folders. GMail has its creative idea of Labeles,which is decently good, but folders are folders, especailly when you are going to get more than 10 mails a day from a perticular group or a person.
Reason 2 : I was finding the previous ID too complicated and senseless. aditya0401 seems much simpler and sober.
But hey wait…my primary email id still remains, and I would receive my mails except those from Yahoo groups, on Gmail !!

Finally what do I have to say ?
I still have not found the anser to my life :D haha


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