A Night along the Scholars’ Avenue !!

It was a dark night, made even darker by the drizzle. And there I was, waiting for my turn, not knowing what to anticipate. Something had just got over in my hall, so I was quite excited (and still am) !! People went in and came out, some in five minutes, some in fifteen. And believe me when I say, the time taken was proportional to the size of the person going in !! And then it was mine. I had been to the selection for the Scholar’s Avenue team, and was it a selection? There were people of all types: tall, short, fat, lean, chubby, cute, female, etc. OMG it almost looked as if I was there being interrogated by the CBI.
Have you seen the television series CBI on Sony? Well I felt almost that.
The Sir in front of me, was pretty straight face and had no emotions but a silent anger. The one next to him, was the one trying to screw me up, he was just jumping and pouncing on me, as if trying to extract some valuable information from me. I dont know if those people were trying to be friendly with me or trying to test my patience !! I still dont know what they wanted to me do?? At one instant I felt as if they were going make me a Phantom and ask me to take two rounds of the gymkhana!! There was this very senior Sir who kept coming close to me and made many faces (remember Mr Bean, well something of that sort, though not really). And then I didn’t have the guts to look at that person sitting on the right most. Whenever I see him, I get a blushy smile on my face, please don’t ask why!!
My right ear, was hearing something like “bike bike ban ban” and the left ear was hearing something like “aditya listen, listen to me, hello” as if someone was trying to talk to me, but the right side people were not letting me go. And then finally I turned my head with a jerk to the left and there was a cute little lady! I couldnt make out if she was giving me a hidden smile or a blush, but well anyways, she was ACTUALLY trying to screw me up (how bad!!).
So what could I do?? Eventually I was Looking london, and Talking Tokyo!! And they picked that up and screwed me up further, and Im still feeling the screw drilling in my head as I’m writing this particular write up!!
But Ahh here I’m, through with both the assignments fianlly !!

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