Life at Kgp

Ever wondered how, the tree covers suddenly change as you wade your cycle rickshaw through the main entrance near Puri Gate? Or ever noticed the ratio of the width of the road just outside to that just inside the main gate? Well, perhaps all that most of you ever noticed was the beach of magnificent luminescence of the yellow lights hanging from both sides of the avenue. Just outside the main gate, and just inside, are different worlds and it is quite acceptable if you go out
of the campus one fine day after a long time and get a cultural setback.
Well that’s just about the beggining of IIT Kharagpur.
The spectrum of sounds and smells one can get in the campus, is no smaller than the spectrum of experiences you can have here. Be it the sweet chirping of the Cuckoos or the rumbling of the diesel engine circumnavigating the campus; be it the aroma from the stove of good ol’ Cheddis, the smell of fresh dew over the grass in Jnan Ghosh, or the nostalgic smells of your organic chemistry laboratory, you’ll always find something different. There are those beautiful “Corollas
in the background, and Corollaries in your head”. Just like any metropolitan city, here in Kgp as well, the smells, and sounds change every one hundred metres.
Whether its spending the Saturday night with your mates hanging around the campus, or watching some movie on your comp, there aint a reason why you’ll find yourself getting bored here. Counter Strike goes on 24 X 7 on the LAN, or you can just sit with your friends and go on
‘bhattin’ throughout the night. Some people prefer studying, but we believer they are a different make altogether. Its true that we have come to IIT to become the best damn engineers in the world, but the Experience of Life is the better part of it here.
It is worth quoting:
“Life at Kgp is a celebration of, well, LIFE !!”

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