मैं इतना बडा मखाऊ भी नहीं हूँ …after all

Hmm…Im not lying baba..
So…the day was good…different…In the last few days I have put in some effort to understand php/mySQL and that has been working for me since last few days. Was asked to start working on a few web projects..and now I have finally started getting things under my control..but still I would call it a bit too messy. Things need to get organised. I also got selected for the Technology Literary Society of the Gymkhana, along with my roomie Arun.
I was made a Phantom (wats a Phantom…underwear and banyan worn over shirt and trousers.) today….was fun…seriously.
And apart from that..nothing much..just the usual frustration moving up and down my mind.
Cya later..Bbye.


One thought on “मैं इतना बडा मखाऊ भी नहीं हूँ …after all

  1. Abe chootu…

    Chhote chote cheezon main itna jyada load nahin liya iya karte … samjhe .. Try to learn everything at your own speed (preferebly slow) so that you will have enough time to have a feel of what are you doing.

    Always remember onething.. Creativity should be your major aim.. and creativity can not be achieved by being busy in many stuffs. Make yourself little bit free, and then only you can achieve creativity.

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