Life On Rent

You are looking at the wall and it crashes right in front of your face.You are looking at life and it dies in front of you.You are looking at your future and see it burning in front of your eyes.You are holding someone in your hands and find him/her slipping away smoothly.You let time pass by and hope for things to get sorted out but that don’t happen ever. You cant let time rule you. You have to take everything in your stride and try to rectify it. You must not feel bad about your decisions once they have been taken. Thoughts should have gone in earlier. Past is gone and it goes faster than light. We’ve learnt how to live Longer but not how to live Better. We’ve been all the way to the Moon and back, but how does that help petty earthlings when they cant even cross the street to meet their old friend? We sure have multiplied our possesions but have enormously divided our values. That should not have happenned, ever. But what can we do, we all want to Globalise, right?? We dont realise that we are not fooling anyone else but ourselves. We must not take it to be granted that we are living a bad life, have a look on the streets and villages and see how many people dont even get a chance to live.
We cant give our LIFE ON RENT ! Its too precious to do that.

2 thoughts on “Life On Rent

  1. see, its a choice.

    culture be4 nature, or nature be4 culture.

    ppl in metros – very high population density, too many ppl in too small area, culture subsumes nature.
    ppl in villages – nature triumphs.

    when i lived in bangalore, i was surrounded by people – friends, family whatnot. it was a chaotic confusing life, based on culture. as always, it was painful since people are fickle.

    now i live in a tiny village in new mexico, usa. i can drive 100 miles and not bump into a single human. very sparsely populated. can see 360 degree sky! sky & clouds every direction you look. no houses, no human construction. i’m affected by winds, sun, rain…sorta like early man. people hardly matter because i don’t meet anybody for ages.

    so nature has won over culture.

    what will you choose ?

  2. You know what.. you are right. I just realised this also. That we cant be pushed to materialise our lives, or to focus on everything but our own lives. I think that we live so fast and for greed that we forget our friends, our family and ourselves.. We NEED to make this important. This is the reason why most of us are unhappy. This is the reason why most of us DIE unhappy. This is the reason why people don’t see how much we really do love them.

    Keep it up bud…

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