Way things seem..seem to be after me

All of life, is it a mere illusion? Or a check into reality?
Things are not the way they seem to be, or are they really?? I dont know and may be I would never end up knowing. Looking through, flipping the pages of the news paper, or just scrolling my browser to check the news on the net, it seems life is coming to a sad flip all over all around everywhere. Emotions, actions, interpretations, all going the other way down. In all this mess, it makes little sense if it does at all to go after the things that we want to. But to get them we will need to!! Wat am I saying…
When we look around us, and see the sweeper sweeping the part of lobby in front of our rooms, we feel we are at a much better place in life, but when we look up and look back at ourselves, we feel, where are we ?? We feel like we are nothing….atleast I feel like it.
Wat does it feel like listening to an old list of songs, suddenly, once in a while?? Feels good, and feels like crying. Dont know why and how, but it feels like a change, a sudden difference in atmosphere around me. Suddenly, I’m looking at things differently..suddenly things mean different for me..suddenly I’ve realised that I need to look at different people with different perspectives. Sometimes its the wrong ones who love you right, and sometimes its your own heart that stings you inside. Sometimes you hate your own self. Sometimes things just dont follow the rule book.
Am I talkin too much crap today? I donno..the reader is the best judge…Wats this blog? An entry into someone’s personal life?? Or is it a way in which Im trying to collect sympathy? I dont know..there are many who write personal blogs, Im just one of them, its just a way to release your emotions.
I guess this is it for the day, C’est tout pour aujourd’hui, au revoir!!

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