Why do people misunderstand me??

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to explain my position to people.. and I just dont know how to do it or how to defend myself. I m finding myself in a position where not just a few but many people are taking me differently, perhaps something has to be wrong at my end..perhaps obviously. The so called OP is still goin on and may go on for some more days. This is the time when I m not getting time to even think for a moment. I dont know how to go about doing things and how to go about managing my stuff. Maybe I just wait for some more time and see if there is a sunshine ahead. Right now Im feeling like Im swimming in a dark swimming pool, fearing that I might get drowned. I just hope someone pulls me outta it!!


3 thoughts on “Why do people misunderstand me??

  1. When you think about people misunderstanding you… think of your intentions… think of everything around you… and know that what is being misunderstood is not your fault.

    when you feel like you are going to be pulled under the water…. think of a memory so happy that nothing can drag you down…. people love you…. that shoudl be enough to pull yourself out of that dark pool

    we all have many thingsgoing on in our lives… sadness… hurt..love… but take anything and grab hold of life….
    grab a hold of your future


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