Kinds of people that they are !!

Surviving on a gasp of air and a heap of glucose..
This little word called LIFE…isnt as little and as trivial as it seems at first sight, thts not bcoz its difficult to understand, but because its difficult to SURVIVE. People killing people around, souls stabbing souls everywhere, insults all around you and all over you, its almost as bad as a bull shitting all over your face. It becomes difficult so many times to explain things to someone, it becomes so difficult at times to justify your actions, and people want justification, they just wont take you to be the way you are. When I say life, I mean the people. Yes the people. All around you, you are interacting with newer and newer breeds of people everyday. And believe me, 90 percent of those would even budge to go out of their own small world. The rest may, but only with a purpose to their actions, as long as their job is dont, they are least bothered of how the world is functioning around them. People continue in so many mis-conceptions about somethings and someone, that I wonder what would happen to their mental state of mind once the reality would flash in front of their two buttons, Will the whole world come down crashing upon their two feet?? Will they go into the depth of the world’s deepest well?? Haa!! Its worth wondering.

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