A F00king Illusion called LIFE

LIFE, by all means f00ks you out of your bed and why not..its designed absolutely to do just that.
Dont even know how to plan my things around me, its a complete disaster here. No place to even sit comfortably, wherever I go, there sticks a pain on my bumps. Not just theoritically but literally that is what it really is. Today its been six days without having seen a sweet girl around..my goodness its horrible. And then wat sense does it make to find interrest in a new batch?? Temme. But yes finally something to look forward to in this Jungle.
Passing on the tradition, is perhaps the only reason why some things in this world function..like ragging, hmm it EXISTS, very much. Passing on the traditions is the only reason why some people are alive in this world..they WILL not gain anything I know.

No I just got deviated by some things, sorry..but I’m still in search of a reason to survice the cruelty of humans on themselves..the selfish deeds of people and the attitude that so many of them show..the over-smartness and the bragging. And how does it help them to get the sweeter things in life? It may perhaps help them to get a girl friend, but that would hardly matter, cos most of that would still be very hidden from many key people in their world. LIVE LIFE FOR YOURSELF thats the key to survival is what the conclusion is. I dont know..but all this confusion in my mind just runs me out of words. SHIT!!


3 thoughts on “A F00king Illusion called LIFE

  1. Hey you posted on my blog a couple os days ago.. you were talking about friends…

    I know I talk about friends and hwo they screw me over…. but one thing we shoudl ALL have in common… is our outlook on life….. I have a alot of rage in me and a lot to say about people and our world and how it is messed…but…

    I think when talking about friends… we need to not look at what they have done to us… but what we will do about it…. I mean… for me… I will ALWAYS be there for my friends… even if they have back stabbed me or not…. because I am a true believer in thinking that the way I treat others will come back to me one day… and someday it will be my time to shine….. my time to be happy…. my time to show people my true colours….. so when you think about your friends and them backstabbing you…. think about how good of a person you are… and how much you have done in your life… how important your family is to you… and smile.. and thnk about YOUR incredible life……. one day your friends with envy your strength and desire…

    I know… that was soooo random…… but HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!

  2. I like it….. LIFE LIFE FOR YOURSELF.. im likin’ that blog. Well… you are right people are basically unpredictable and it IS hard to understand how or why we help people. Why we spend so much time on people… why we love people and why they give nothing back. Thanks for the comment… and thats awesome that you like graphic design… Im lovin’ it… and hope to get into Web design…. well depending how I feel at the end of this course. I dont have yahoo but I have MSN Messenger…. krysta_adshade@hotmail.com. Wait I think I do have yahoo…. Adshade85 I think…lol… Anyways… have a good day…. keep writing:)


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