Now a Sophomore…but hey wat does it mean? Patel Hall, the tradition lives on…..
Here I am in kgp, very excited abt some things but very apprehensive abt many others. New people, new faces, and old friends (shud I say this???). Lots and lots of new stuff…but more importantly staying in a TRIPLE room (oh my God with just two LAN ports) is gonna be a new, and I dont know wat kind of experience. And then the Orientation and stuff. And the most important thing of all, the Insti is more than a kilometre away from hostel, and its a pain in the a$$ cycling all the way. So thts abt it. Its a new accademic year, time to improve grades if i want something from life, something to look forward to.
I’ll surely be writing more, and I’ll keep writing.. cos this is wat life is at my end.

3 thoughts on “Now a Sophomore…but hey wat does it mean?

  1. Hey, I just read your blog. You sound like a nice guy and well… work hard and you will get what you want and achieve greatness in life:) As for this semester coming up…. sure get good grades but remember to have some fun in life ok… Well have a great day.. byebye Krysta

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