Summer Fixation

Drooling o’er the screen and biting my nails hard….time again to blog after a long gap. Almost at the end of this summer break, would be a Sophomore now when I go back to kgp, ‘Corollas in the background, corollaries (ragging) in the head’. Wateva that may be…Que sera sera…
Hey but this break was good…not as boring as I had thought, thts cos ‘I’ kept ‘Me’ busy.
.Travelling >> 6700km..1900 more to do
Ketan + R (gud choice)
Jat (EkChotiSiLoveStory) + PD}
.BullSHIT (Caring for those who never care)
..watelse?? hmmmmm …well …forget it !
Seen poverty, have you? I’m not speakin of financial poverty, I’m talkin of poverty of heart, poverty of feelings, and poverty of selflessness. Its bad, its depressing. Peoples’ attitudes are soooooo DAMN B.A.D. !! And they can be really mean even if you always showed them a Gud. Why do people think they are too smart when they really are just a piece of S^H^I^T >> havent their parents told them…”What you sow, so shall you reap”? If not, they better learn it fast. All this cos there are so many who are so much much much better than those self-ASS-umed Smarties, and have no air around themselves. Sometimes I feel that I’m better off alone than with such a fence of friends who would neither grow nor let grow. Its the kind of people who dont know why they ARE and wat for, and wat they want from themselves, so why *@$^$@* them? THWThem.
Sometimes I just stood at the stage, waiting for the bus, and ‘there she WENT…’, the simple lookin mademoiselle that I always hope to walk arms in with, but then you know my fate, dont you? Its taught me this lesson in life.. THE EFFECT OF RUNNING AFTER SOMEONE (not something…mind it) IS EQUIVALENT TO IT RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU !! And this ever true poem can I forget this: “For want of the horse the saddle was lost, for want of the saddle the rider was lost…..”
Once again I dont want to reach that stage in life where I would feel that ‘the higher grapes are sour’, but I know that I would NOT reach that particular conclusion, though I am hopeful and still keeping my fingers crossed with a grim face :(.


One thought on “Summer Fixation

  1. dude u had to put the choti si love story crap on a public place hadn’t u….newys. i’ll make it a point to keep up wid ur blogs..
    friends forever

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