And there I go…!!!!!

I’m goin home after a sem of 4 long months. And I am feeling sad that I will be leaving my dear comp packed up over here. This is my last post from kgp and the last from my comp for the time being. Had good food after many days today.
So lookin back at this sem…
Some statistics…
Avg exp per day Rs 98
Net exp on food Rs 2879
Avg exp per day (food) Rs 24
All this in 4 months….too much i guess…but cudnt help it anyways.
Apart from tht wat else did i get ….leave alone some failures which I dont wanna talk about ?
Just tht I saw this period through was a good experience and yes how can I forget tht i met soooo many new ppl this sem.
And now eager to go back home and meet my family and old friends. Lets see wat I end up with at the end of these summers…lots of travelling to be done and lots of things to be learnt. An now I have to shut down my comp and pack it up and sleep..I m feeling too sleepy..bbye.


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