Thinkin of a title today

Hey ppl…thrs more to my blog now..
a chat box and a hit counter.
Anyways thats a ‘nevamind’ stuff.
So today was the last paper of my first year final exams.
How were the exams…ask me not please.
Im goin home in two days from now….before tht hafta do lotsa packin and stuff like tht. Eager to meet my parents and friends and relatives et al. 30 hours of train travel is loomin large between me and my home. Meetin new ppl and old lookin forward to that now. None the less…long time since heard from PD and Photon and Ravan is gona come home later this thts how things are. Lets see how things move on.
Today even I dont know wat I will be doin..right now I started a radio for the LAN and was spammin for its publicity on DC++ and got muted for that by the administrator. By tomorrow i hafta shift all my stuff to the new hostel and get ready to leave this leavin on Saturday at 3 pm by Gitanjali Exp. Cya :)


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