Thnx a billion

A mark of a genuine friendship is the privilege of being yourself and still be accepted.
A true friendship always tells us that we are acceptable & accepted. This we all need to know.
We have a need to be accepted not for any special quality or some grand achievement, but simply for ourselves.

There are times
When the whole world seems to be against me,
There are times
When nothing happens the way it is wished,
When everything goes wrong
No matter what I think or do,
At such times you DONT bring hope and
Happiness into my life;
At such times I think
What would I ever do WITH you?
Thanx a billion for simply NOT being there.

Sometimes people say things that they dont really mean.
They are rude, they act nasty.
It may have more to do with them than me;
But it hurts all the same.
Especially when I let people make or ruin my day.

At such times I think of your UNkind and UNgentle ways.
How you MISunderstand me and DONT care for me.
How you NEITHER feel for me, NOR feel with me.

At such times I am glad to know,
That you are NOT there with me;
And will NEVER be.

Edited to suit.


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