Why isnt my weblog at http://dybydx.blogspot.com

I got a bit frustrated by the fact tht i cudnt get my blogspot at tht address…but i went there just to see who was tht person who was as innovative as me in gettin ids…and guess wat…he happenned to be my senior from IIT Kgp.
I then sent him a mail and this is wat our conversation was like:

I am aditya marathe…facchaa MS hall
and on dc my nick is dybydx and also on mutter i post with the name dybydx
so i felt very sad when i dint get the ssame nick on blogspot..cos u had it…
anyways..bye :(

SENIOR :: Hi there,
Sorry for taking over your ID but I had it for days – not that I use
it too often :D – because I had not got any other ID. So carry on
blogging, use something like dzbydt or the like …
Anyways nice knowing someone is actually as nerdy as I am when it
comes to thinking of IDs.
Your “LOVING” Senior ( P.S. Note the “LOVING” )


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