Height of Masti

I mean it got too much today on DC++
All my block mates were online on DC++ and we were all just casually chattin in main room….
And suddenly they all got tempo to shoot out at me, and blasted me with dybydx..ur pregnent, wat happ., yeh sab kase hua…and stuff like that..and it was all fun to behave like one…but then it got too much..they all decided to come up to my room for a GPL (i dont need to explain GPL, do I??)…. well..so i shouted..’yeh come up lets see..time for my gpl‘.. and then suddenly an a$$ O Chanakya typed out somethin that cud hav got some me and someone else in big trouble..but god save..tht person also understood the foolishness of the chat-busting…and life saved thus….i got a shot on my jaw from so called Chanakya…Im not gonna leave him the next few days…!!!!


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