So whom am I amongst?

To Tell you something about my friends…
I stay here at IIT kgp in a hostel dats called MS and most of my friends or rather I would say all of them stay in something called HJB. So it gets a bit borin alone in my room in this gigantic hostel . Here on my floor out of 38 guys who stay in this square shaped wing..there are barely 3 or 4 who are like close…dehati and anda and chintu
The others, my classmates and fellowmates from Mumbai are in that other hostel sudhu, var_man, savland and bacchaa. Sudhu is into music, var_man is into basky but these days even he has lost interest in it due to some other things in life (or should i say some1), bacchhaa is a bacchhaa and gets hypnotised by anything which has an IC in it..mostly a computer (he can be seen wherever there is a new computer). And i am into nothing. Simply Nothing. So that frustrates me a lot and bugs me hard in my ***. These days dehati and var_man are busy playin CS over the LAN (supposed to be used for academic purposes only). Dehati is sweet and fundoo, rather in his own words funky. Anda is a special person, should i say he is the life of our wing. With a corner room on the ground floor, his room often becomes a commonplace for all of us to meet. Chintu is his neighbour and he is in his own world at times (self assumed). None the less..all of us are good friends and i hope this continues.
Savland is that person who has the art of cracking Pj’s these days..and his sight is enuff to bring a smile on my face..he too stays in HJB.
I’ve got a few friends of the other gender too.. but most of them are just Hi.. Hello.. kinda ppl. One is a better friend i must say, but over and above all, most of our interaction occurs only through the computer network, and very less personally. This needs to improve.
So lets see where we all go from here…its just the end of the first academic year for us o’er here. We’ve got 3 more to go !!


2 thoughts on “So whom am I amongst?

  1. Well ppl…pls dont take this blog to be an attack on someone…these are my feelings and hav the right to express them the way I like..and if u want u add ur comments or make ur own blog :P

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