Catching up with some mid day long shadows in Sweden


Copenhagen gave me a great opportunity to visit another, and the largest of the Scandinavian countries – Sweden. Lying just across the Oresund strait in the Baltic Sea, Sweden is easily accessible by road and train from Copenhagen. It took me all but 30 minutes to land up in Sweden from my hotel in Copenhagen.

I got to visit two cities, or towns – Lund and Malmo. Lund, is a university town famous for the Lund University established in 1666 and one of Scandinavia’s largest institutes for education.  It is also the oldest city in present day Sweden, and you can see why, from the photos. I found some really beautiful architecture in Lund, perhaps even better than Copenhagen. Copenhagen looked very much like a brand new city, but Lund, a very old archaic place trying to finds its foot in this century!


This photograph was shot at around noon, but you can see that the sun is far from being overhead! Beautiful sunshine, however the temperature was well below –5 C.


Clearly, I had to take a pic showing the name of the place! Unfortunately young boys, it is pronounced as “Loond”.


One of the two Indian restaurants in Lund


Inside the Lund Cathedral – perhaps the most beautiful cathedral I have visited


Next stop, Malmo – the southern-most and the third largest city of Sweden.

I would mostly, let the pictures do the talking here! But again some really beautiful architecture!



And of course some really long mid day shadows :) This pic taken around 2pm, 55 N of equator and amazing shadow lengths!





Diptych 1

Oh my favorite pic :)



Wow! Lots of travel to be shared, but even before that, some more travel left to be “travelled”!

See you guys in March!

Copenhagen, DK


Wow, I cannot believe this is my first blog post in 2012! It has been a very very busy year so far! Lots of work, lots of activities, and more importantly, lots of travel…!

After a relatively dry year 2011, the window of opportunity shined early in 2012… this one is the first in a set of 4 great cities I visited in 4 different countries in Western Europe.

Denmark is a small country, and Copenhagen its capital is the largest city. It is large, but not really in comparison to Mumbai, New York, Chicago or even Hyderabad :)

A metro train ride – and there are automatic driverless metro trains in Copenhagen – from the airport takes you to downtown Copenhagen in less than 20 minutes! So you can imagine the size of the city. However, the downtown area is not really as small and completely walkable as Chicago. But people walk – and they cycle a lot in the Nordics!

Here are some not so good photographs that I could take in freezing –4 C.

Copenhagen Aditto's Trip Europe

Copenhagen Little Mermaid

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

Reminds me of Vail, Colorado

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark Waffles


What you see in the pic below, is the strait separating Denmark and Sweden, and the tiny vertical lines form one of the first and the largest offshore wind farms in the world…

Copenhagen DenmarkCopenhagen Denmark

I guess that’s it for now, some other countries in the following blog posts :)

#221 Natquik… the drifting one…

Few things are as beautiful as innocence, purity, tenderness, freshness, softness and whiteness… Few things bring as much joy to a saddened soul as something so beautiful… Few things are amongst those that one must experience in his or her lifetime…

It all begins when the sun starts setting early in the evenings, and the nights get longer than days. A week of mild cold and a week of extreme, makes you wonder what would come the morning after Sunday.

Then the clouds build a fog and the sun hides its face… down comes a flake and so with a grace…

Voila… it’s snow!

I heard the Eskimo has a hundred words for snow…

‘qanuk’ for the flakes and ‘kaneq’ for the frost… and ‘kannevluk’ for the fine snow, and ‘natquik’ for the driftingand ‘muruanek’ for the soft deep one, and ‘nutaryuk’ for the fresh… and ‘igloo’ for the home…

I wonder if snow would mean more to anyone else…

I feel the snow is warm. It has a warmth in it that winter lacks…The sight of snow makes me happy, keeps me warm… refreshes my memory of places so high… sends me back to being a child… until my fingers hurt…

Like a little pretty girl, in her white merry frock, dancing all alone, the flake slowly comes, goes a bit to my left and a bit to my right, and then lands on the ground as a bird’s touch n fly… and some more come along and they stick each on top… and this goes on till my heart fills with joy…

It is so pretty that I do not feel like taking pictures… let it be untouched… let it be pure… let it be the way it is… perfect…


#216 End of Fall…

The most beautiful season I have ever seen… is almost finished over here…

The beginning of November, marks the beginning of colder days, subzero temperatures and snow flurries…

It was the first time I saw such a beautiful fall, or it was the first time I saw fall AT ALL.

Here are some of the pics I took in Evanston, my way to wish it goodbye.

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