#174 Grand Bhaiba

So it was the oral examination… or the GRAND VIVA of all that I have learnt as a student of Electrical Engineering.

Since the first semester, almost every semester we had a subject of the department where we had to attend a 3 hour lab per week. At the end of the lab course they would invariably take a viva and a lab test. Sometimes even at the beginning of the experiments they would take sort of mini vivas. In many of those, books flew, sheets were thrown out, F grades given, or students asked to go back to their rooms and prepare themselves for the viva before performing the DANGEROUS experiments. Our seniors used to tell us that the profs would throw the sheets out of the lab and would ask the student to “follow the trajectory”. Fortunately nothing like that happened with me.

This time it was the Grand Viva… supposedly the last Viva I’d be facing as an undergraduate student.

They tried to ask me a few questions and I tried to answer fewer. Fortunately or unfortunately, it wasnt anything like I had heard it to be. It was not by any means a grueling experience. It was calm, composed and in an air conditioned room! The professors were cool and while we were thinking about the questions they were busy discussing about pens, food, countries (note: USA, Japan and Korea). They also offered us sweet, aloo pakoda (common name: chop)… All in all it was a very different sort of viva for me, where I was guilty that I cudn’t answer much, but I dint feel that uncomfortable.

The fact that it is over now, is what keeps me happy. :)

The next few days, I shall be a bit busy… and I really don’t know when next I would blog after this. A lot of things to look forward to.

I’ve been updating my site lately to major extent and testing a new blog on another host. Keeping my fingers crossed till then.

#140 Sports at INHA

Football game amongst students of Dept of Electrical Engineering.
Professor played too!!This is him…

Yunseong… Running for life…

“V for Victory” is the most common pose Koreans give while being photographed!

The orange team won… The blue team lost badly :(

This is girls playing a game like Baseball, but using their feet to kick a football sized ball!

A closer look…

Some Indians, Bangladeshis and Nepalis (I guess so…) playing cricket in one corner of the playing ground…

Girls and guys… skipping the rope…