#219 News Flash: Mumbai Blasts / Shootouts

There have been several shootouts and blasts in Mumbai city on the night of 26th November 2008.

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A lot of people are networking and news and updates are spreading fast. Blogs and microblogging platforms like Twitter are on the run since the last many hours. If you have any information about anything, or would like to help in any way, please get in touch with any Twitterer, or me. We would pass on your message to the world in any possible manner. Locational and specific information is always more welcome.

Whatever is happening is not good. Definitely not good.

I pray for all who have lost lives and hope everyone else stays safe. Do NOT venture out of your house. Do NOT entertain any suspicious persons or activities in your neighbourhood. Please make sure you know what your kids are doing, especially if they are in the age group of 18-30 yrs and if they are in the habit of staying out of home for long hours. If you have suspicion, make sure you clear it out!